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Infrared Thermal Imaging

We are very excited to offer our clients infrared thermal imaging.  As a fully Certified Residential Thermographer, Chris is able to properly use and interpret the results with our Infrared Camera for all inspections.  This training and technology allows us to see thermal anomalies and detect potential issues such as abnormally hot electrical components, moisture/leaks, heat loss/leakage and pest intrusion.  This service is a highly valuable and impactful offering as we are able to uncover defects and issues that would have otherwise been hidden from view.

Just how valuable is Infrared?  We performed an inspection (May 2021) on a single-family home, and after running water in the upstairs baths, we detected (with infrared) and confirmed (with a moisture meter) a substantial leak from the upstairs shower. This would not have been found without infrared, and are happy to report we were able to provide this client a significant savings.

The picture to the right shows the actual thermal image from the inspection.  The dark area shows a temperature difference directly below the shower, which was validated by the moisture meter reading.

Infrared Thermal Imaging: Welcome
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